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Thread: HELP!! Jeep fell off lift at dealership..

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    My Willys has the 3.73:1 diffs in it. I think that is about the perfect ratio with stock 32" tires. I was planning on going to 4:88s when I get 37"tires as that is the same final gearing with that tire size. That is going to be a big week. Gonna do a 3.5" lift, 1-tons, and 37" tires all in one swell foop. Just gotta line up the dollarbux before hand.
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    Want-list: Switch-Pro SP-8100, 50" Cree light bar, MetalCloak Fenders, Lockers, 1-tons, Half doors (Mopar? Bestop? SFZ? Either way it's gonna be something with removable top halfs), some form of tire-carrier, TrekArmor seat covers... More to be decided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazkat View Post
    I'm still rolling with the 4:10's on my rubi with 37's. I need to upgrade that for offroad, but on the pavement I avoid most of the really negative effects because mine's a manual. 6th is pretty much useless atm though
    I'm running 4.88 with my 6 speed. It is perfect, I average around 15.5-16.5 depending on how I drive.
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    It's finally at the house.. chose this one. The silver '08 sahara we bought for 19500 a year ago.. they bought it for 19250.. set up roughly the same payment plan for the red '14 jku sport.. I made sure I had GAP ins on this one... haha. Learned that you just never know what can happen... I'm pretty satisfied with the way they treated me. Of course it was a headache dealing with this altogether.. but they could have given me the cold shoulder. I even met the original owner of the '14 and they gave me a good deal on a best top nx.. We're pretty dang satisfied.

    Also looks like a new profile name coming in the near future.. now I just need to add all my goods to this one!!

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